USAF Vet Starts Antique Car Restoration Business with Help from WVFV

Golden Age Car Restoration. BULLIS

Work Vessels For Vets, Inc., Helps Wounded Veteran Build
Colorado-Based Antique Car Restoration Business

 Grant from Newman’s Own Foundation Supports Veteran-Entrepreneur

March 2017.   Retired USAF Major Scott Bullis got a hand up from Work Vessels for Vets, Inc., a Connecticut-based nonprofit that equips veteran-entrepreneurs with the tools they need for self-employment. Bullis, a recipient of the Purple Heart from injuries sustained in Afghanistan, recently opened Golden Age Preservation and Restoration in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He performs expert antique automobile preservation and conservation for car enthusiasts all over the country.  Work Vessels for Vets, with funding from Newman’s Own Foundation, purchased a specialized industrial grade upholstery sewing machine and a top-of-the-line brand cabinet makers’ industrial table saw, valued at over $5,000.

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Van to RI Air Force Veteran in Mystic CT

Work Vessels for vets, Inc. presented a van to SSGT Eric Betz, USAF/USAFR of Newport, Rhode Island on Tuesday November 22, 2016 at Valenti VW Auto Dealership in Mystic, Connecticut. The Betz family were so grateful and appreciative of this gesture of patriotism and generosity. Their former car is in need of engine repair making transportation a great challenge to get to work, school and other family needs.

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$70,000 grant from Newman's Own Foundation

Work Vessels for Vets receives $70,000 grant from Newman's Own Foundation to equip 20 veteran-entrepreneurs. Click on this NBC Connecticut Channel 4 News clip about Work Vessels for Vets as we announce the $70,000 grant from Newman's Own Foundation! Enjoy!

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Refrigerator Truck Award

WVFV is pleased to award a grant to Army Sgt. Steve A., injured in Iraq, who just picked up the refrigerator truck his farm needs to deliver organic farm products to his many Wisconsin commercial and CSA customers.

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Moving Truck Award

WVFV has awarded a $6,000 grant to Chris Swift, USA/NG, for a 24 foot moving van. Chris will be starting "Boots On The Ground Moving" with this van.

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WVFV contributes to the career of Jake Sanders, USMC/USMCR

To Work Vessels for Vets—Thank you very much! I can't begin to express my gratitude to you and the other board members. This career I am starting is going to be a saving grace for my family and I and without your help it would prove to be very difficult to obtain and succeed. - Jake Sanders, USMC/USMCR

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